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A summary of changes to help reviewers - this ticket has got a bit complex, as 3 packages and a patch all need to be applied.

1Applied changes to numpy for update from 1.3.x to 1.5.0:
3Three packages need to be updated - Numpy, SciPy and scipy_sandbox.
5Changed doctests:
6   Some of the doctest have changed due to output changes in numpy (for examples new warnings etc.)
7   The following files have changed:
8     - devel/sage/doc/en/faq/faq-usage.rst: deprication warning was removed from numpy.
9     - devel/sage/sage/matrix/matrix_double_dense.pyx: A complex warning was added in matrix exponential function.
10     - devel/sage/sage/symbolic/function.pyx: "Inf" changed to "inf"
11     - devel/sage-numpy/sage/functions/hyperbolic.py: ""Inf" changed to "inf"
13Outdated patches:
14   The following patches were outdated and were removed:
15      - __init__.py
16      - cygwin-core-setup.py
17      - gnu.py
19Added patches:
20   The following patches had to be added:
21   - buffer.c  Memory errors accoured in numpy 1.5.0, these were solved after a bug report on the numpy trac
22   (see http://projects.scipy.org/numpy/ticket/1605 for details)
23   This will be obsolte in version 1.5.1
24  - src/numpy/core/setup.py and src/numpy/distutils/command/config.py :
25    Fix a bug when building on Solaris: numpy was not built with c99,
26    but used isfinite, which is only defined in c99 on Solaris.  See
27    Sage trac ticket #9808 and numpy trac ticket #1625
28    (http://projects.scipy.org/numpy/ticket/1625).  To fix, apply
29    the patch from numpy trac ticket #1625, patching
30    src/numpy/core/setup.py and src/numpy/distutils/command/config.py.
31    When numpy 1.5.1 is released, check to see if these patches are
32    still necessary.
35Changes to install-spkg:
36   - The gcc_fake hack has been removed from the install. (see the 9808-remove-gcc_fake.patch for details)
37   - The fortran compiler was set to sage_fortran, because especially
38     g95 on OS X made problems. Also fortran options had to be
39     added to the numpy install (see the numpy-spkg-install.diff for more details)
41Other problems which required no changes:
42   - networkx-1.0.x versions are incompatible to numpy-1.4.1 or greater
43     because numpy.core.defmatrix moved to numpy.matrixlib.defmatrix
44     This is obsolute since networkx-1.1 or higher support this
45   - runtime warnings appeared after upgrading from numpy-1.3.x to
46     higher versions, becuase the size of "flatiter" has changed in the
47     .c files. Recompilation of the .pyx files with sage -ba or
48     apply little changes to numpy.pxd in cython and apply sage -b
49     solved this issues. 
51Applied changes to scipy-0.8 from scipy-1.7.x:
53-All patches were outdated and therefore removed
54-Changes to the spkg-install are found in scipy-spkg-install.diff
55- Exported F77, F90 and F95 in addition to FC, as the above failed to
56- to work on a Solaris system with compilers f77 and f90.
57- Improved SPKG.txt
59Necessary changes to scipy_sandbox
60It is essentail that #10092 is applied to update scpipy_sandbox, which
61exports FC, F77, F90 and F95, otherwise the wrong compilers may be used
62in some cases.