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    287287# is installed as possible: this is so that spkg-check works for
    288288# sagetex.  (To build sagetex, you just need python, but to test it,
    289289# you need a full Sage installation.)
    290 $(INST)/$(SAGETEX): $(INST)/$(PYTHON) $(INST)/$(SAGE) $(INST)/$(GAP)
     290$(INST)/$(SAGETEX): $(BASE) $(INST)/$(PYTHON) $(INST)/$(SAGE) $(INST)/$(GAP)
    291291        $(INSTALL) "$(SAGE_SPKG) $(SAGETEX) 2>&1" "tee -a $(SAGE_LOGS)/$(SAGETEX).log"
    293293$(INST)/$(SETUPTOOLS): $(BASE) $(INST)/$(PYTHON)
    347347$(INST)/$(MAXIMA): $(BASE) $(INST)/$(ECL)
    348348        $(INSTALL) "$(SAGE_SPKG) $(MAXIMA) 2>&1" "tee -a $(SAGE_LOGS)/$(MAXIMA).log"
    350 $(INST)/$(R): $(BASE) $(INST)/$(PYTHON) $(INST)/$(ATLAS) $(INST)/$(ICONV)
     350$(INST)/$(R): $(BASE) $(INST)/$(PYTHON) $(INST)/$(ATLAS) $(INST)/$(ICONV) $(INST)/$(FORTRAN)
    351351        $(INSTALL) "$(SAGE_SPKG) $(R) 2>&1" "tee -a $(SAGE_LOGS)/$(R).log"
    353353$(INST)/$(SYMPY): $(BASE) $(INST)/$(PYTHON)
    372372$(INST)/$(LIBM4RI): $(BASE)
    373373        $(INSTALL) "$(SAGE_SPKG) $(LIBM4RI) 2>&1" "tee -a $(SAGE_LOGS)/$(LIBM4RI).log"
    375 $(INST)/$(ZNPOLY): $(BASE) $(INST)/$(MPIR)
     375# Note, zn_poly *can* use flint too. If that is felt desirable,
     376# then zn_poly should be configured to use flint, and a dependancy added here.
     377$(INST)/$(ZNPOLY): $(BASE) $(INST)/$(MPIR) $(INST)/$(NTL)
    376378        $(INSTALL) "$(SAGE_SPKG) $(ZNPOLY) 2>&1" "tee -a $(SAGE_LOGS)/$(ZNPOLY).log"
    378380# setuptools forgets to update easy-install.pth during parallel