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Changes only to SPKG.txt (nothing to actual code). Reflects reviewer comments, and some extra information I thought was informative.

  • SPKG.txt

    # HG changeset patch
    # User David Kirkby <david.kirkby@onetel.net>
    # Date 1279645295 -3600
    # Node ID f467850a1713632157118faebd54cb3b22afdd29
    # Parent  705d5c336f5841721a43cc895296711ae4b5ee34
    #9533 Revise SPKG.txt, to be more informative.
    diff -r 705d5c336f58 -r f467850a1713 SPKG.txt
    a b  
    1111The library provides a wide range of mathematical routines such as random
    1212number generators, special functions and least-squares fitting. There are
    13 over 1000 functions in total with an extensive test suite.
     13over 1000 functions in total with an extensive test suite. If the variable
     14SAGE_CHECK is exported to the val "yes" when building Sage, GSL's test suite
     15is run.
    1517== License ==
    3739== Dependencies ==
    39  * ATLAS, but it seems to be only required when actually linking the gsl
    40    extensions
     41 * None - GSL does currently not depend on any other Sage package to
     42   compile, link and pass all GSL's self-tests. However, as of
     43   20th July 2010, ATLAS is listed as a dependency in spkg/standard/deps.
     45== Special Update/Build Instructions ==
     46 * According to the GSL web page: http://www.gnu.org/software/gsl/
     47   "GSL requires a BLAS library for vector and matrix operations. The
     48   default CBLAS library supplied with GSL can be replaced by the tuned
     49   ATLAS library for better performance". Exactly how one would use ATLAS is
     50   not clear (there are no obvious options for the 'configure' script),
     51   but in principle it could be done.
    4253== Changelog ==
    44 === gsl-1.14 (David Kirkby, 17th July 2010) ===
     55=== gsl-1.14 (David Kirkby, 20th July 2010) ===
    4556 * #9533 Update GSL to the latest upstream release - the previous
    4657   version (1.10) was nearly 3 years old.
    4758 * Reformatted this file for 80 characters width.
    5263 * Removed the option --enable-shared from the
    5364   configure script, as the default is to make
    5465   shared libraries (see src/INSTALL)
    55  * Removed patches. I doubt they are useful when they
    56    are on a version of GSL that is nearly 3 years old.
    57    It is better to resolve problems if found, rather than try
    58    to use patches made against a very outdated version of GSL.
     66 * Removed all patches. I doubt they are useful when they are on a version
     67   of GSL that is nearly 3 years old.  It is better to resolve problems if
     68   found, rather than try to use patches made against a very outdated
     69   version of GSL.
     70   The GSL test suite has passed all tests on systems running Cygwin,
     71   Linux, HP-UX (PA-RISC processor), OpenSolaris x64, OS X (x86) and
     72   Solaris (SPARC processor).
    5973 * Used $MAKE for building, as building in parallel is
    6074   reliable.
    6175 * $MAKE is also used in spkg-check for testing GSL in
    62    parallel. The GSL has been tested on around 50 builds in
     76   parallel. The GSL has been tested on around 50 parallel builds in
    6377   total on Linux, OpenSolaris, OS X and Solaris. Each time
    6478   all the self-tests of GSL pass. From 2 to 1000 threads were
    6579   used.
    6882   released under.
    6983 * Removed notes about patches on OS X. GSL would appear to
    7084   handle OS X properly.
     85 * Added the "Special Update/Build Instructions" section from SPKG.txt which
     86   was previously missing.
     87 * Added notes to SPKG.txt about an unnecessary ATLAS dependency in
     88   $SAGE_ROOT/spkg/standard/deps
     89 * Added notes to SPKG.txt about how ATLAS could in principle be used to
     90   improve the performance of some of GSL's functionality.
     91 * Force GSL to be build with no optimisation if SAGE_DEBUG is set to "yes"
     92 * Check that $SAGE_ROOT is defined both in spkg-install and spkg-check.
     93 * Exported LDFLAGS and CPPFLAGS on 64-bit builds. This is unnecessary
     94   with the current version of GSL, but it may become necessary on later
     95   revisions, so it is safer to add this now.
     96 * spkg-install and spkg-check now make use of the environment variable
     97   CFLAG64 which can be used to specify an alternate compiler flag to
     98   -m64 when building a 64-bit version of the library.
    72100=== gsl-1.10.p2 (Jaap Spies,  Jan 25th, 2010) ===
    73101 * Made SAGE64=yes work for Open Solaris 64 bit
    74102 * Removed Michael as maintainer