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Clarify what are 64-bit builds

  • SPKG.txt

    # HG changeset patch
    # User David Kirkby <david.kirkby@onetel.net>
    # Date 1279649219 -3600
    # Node ID 547433ef2063bdfc2c63f422af9c4f12f8550bda
    # Parent  1edcbab54d43cc2171302c84c669b6b9c704576d
    #9533 Clarification of what are 64-bit builds in relation to SAGE64.
    diff -r 1edcbab54d43 -r 547433ef2063 SPKG.txt
    a b  
    9090   improve the performance of some of GSL's functionality.
    9191 * Force GSL to be build with no optimisation if SAGE_DEBUG is set to "yes"
    9292 * Check that $SAGE_ROOT is defined both in spkg-install and spkg-check.
    93  * Exported LDFLAGS and CPPFLAGS on 64-bit builds. This is unnecessary
    94    with the current version of GSL, but it may become necessary on later
    95    revisions, so it is safer to add this now.
     93 * Exported LDFLAGS and CPPFLAGS when SAGE64 is set to "yes". This environment
     94   variable would be set to "yes" to create 64-bit binaries on platforms
     95   which default to 32-bit. These platforms include Solaris and OpenSolaris,
     96   some versions of OS X and at least versions of HP-UX. Exporting CPPFLAGS
     97   and LDFLAGS is unnecessary with the current version of GSL, but it may
     98   become necessary on later revisions, so it is safer to add this now.  On
     99   platforms where the default it to create 64-bit binaries, there is no
     100   need to set SAGE64.
    96101 * spkg-install and spkg-check now make use of the environment variable
    97102   CFLAG64 which can be used to specify an alternate compiler flag to
    98103   -m64 when building a 64-bit version of the library.