Ticket #9433: trac_9433-sage-repo.patch

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main repo: add "hg_root" command to Sage

  • doc/en/developer/producing_patches.rst

    # HG changeset patch
    # User J. H. Palmieri <palmieri@math.washington.edu>
    # Date 1278636162 25200
    # Node ID da5dc614bf8cbb32d6a8e9c3b53d6932dbf081c7
    # Parent  113fc833d2c95c710b3c0b2dbe51650d77003d17
    #9433: add command hg_root for new repository
    diff -r 113fc833d2c9 -r da5dc614bf8c doc/en/developer/producing_patches.rst
    a b Sage includes these Mercurial repositori 
    135135- ``SAGE_ROOT/local/bin``: Sage shell scripts.
     137- ``SAGE_ROOT``: Sage root -- text files in the main Sage directory
     138  and in ``SAGE_ROOT/spkg``.
    137140The previous section discussed using Mercurial with the Sage library,
    138141via the command ``hg_sage``. There are corresponding commands for each
    139142of the repositories:
    of the repositories: 
    145148- use ``hg_scripts`` for the Sage shell scripts.
     150- use ``hg_root`` for the Sage root.
    147152Since version 3.4, both the Sage library and documentation
    148153repositories are managed by the command ``hg_sage``.
  • sage/misc/all.py

    diff -r 113fc833d2c9 -r da5dc614bf8c sage/misc/all.py
    a b from dist import install_scripts 
    3939# deprecated
    4040#from darcs import darcs_src, darcs_doc, darcs_scripts
    42 from hg import hg_sage, hg_scripts, hg_extcode
     42from hg import hg_sage, hg_scripts, hg_extcode, hg_root
    4444from package import install_package, is_package_installed, standard_packages, optional_packages, experimental_packages, upgrade
  • sage/misc/hg.py

    diff -r 113fc833d2c9 -r da5dc614bf8c sage/misc/hg.py
    a b hg_examples = HG('%s/data/examples'%SAGE 
    12641264                 pull_url='%s/examples/'%SAGE_INCOMING_SERVER,
    12651265                 push_url='%s/examples/'%SAGE_OUTGOING_SERVER,
    12661266                 obj_name='examples')
     1268hg_root = HG(SAGE_ROOT,
     1269             'Sage Root',
     1270             pull_url=SAGE_INCOMING_SERVER,
     1271             push_url=SAGE_OUTGOING_SERVER,
     1272             obj_name='root')