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Patch for maxima spkg

  • SPKG.txt

    # HG changeset patch
    # User Nils Bruin <nbruin@sfu.ca>
    # Date 1256452551 25200
    # Node ID 7bf215b19859090ee38857cdaeadfdb1d733a0b8
    # Parent  1f3fe7c58eaba79c8e3c3654948c8db0eef8ae7c
    Build Maxima as an ECL library as well, and install in ECL library dir
    diff -r 1f3fe7c58eab -r 7bf215b19859 SPKG.txt
    a b  
    3838== Changelog ==
     40=== maxima-5.19.1.p1 (Nils Bruin, Oct 24th, 2009) ===
     41 * Added building Maxima as an ecl library to spkg-install
    4043=== maxima-5.19.1.p0 (Alex Ghitza, August 24th, 2009) ===
    4144 * Added patch that works around bug in topoly.lisp by changing appropriate instances of parg to carg
  • spkg-install

    diff -r 1f3fe7c58eab -r 7bf215b19859 spkg-install
    a b  
    5858   echo "Deleting Maxima commandlist cache. It will be recreated at the next start of Sage"
    5959   rm -f "$DOT_SAGE"/maxima_commandlist_cache.sobj
     62#build maxima as a lisp library
     63#and install it in the ecl library directory
     65cd src
     66echo "building Maxima as an ecl library"
     67ecl -eval "(require 'asdf)" -eval '(load "maxima-build.lisp")' -eval  '(asdf:make-build :maxima :type :fasl)' -eval "(quit)"
     68ECLLIB=`ecl -eval "(princ (SI:GET-LIBRARY-PATHNAME))" -eval "(quit)"`
     70echo "installing Maxima library as $ECLLIB/maxima.fas"
     71cp maxima.fasb $ECLLIB/maxima.fas
     72cd ..