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  • doc/en/reference/graphs.rst

    # HG changeset patch
    # User Nathann Cohen <nathann.cohen@gmail.com>
    # Date 1250277039 -7200
    # Node ID 04b079e4087b6afa37b9de61496bd1c45d84a3a3
    # Parent  684eea91ff224e5bc6259ca19f1576c4c082b9d3
    All the cliquer-related functions in the Graph class are documented, but they do not appear in SAGE's reference as they all use functions defined in graphs/cliquer, which is not included in the .rst file.
    This patch fixes this, plus adds a few lines to the docstrings in cliquer.pyx
    diff -r 684eea91ff22 -r 04b079e4087b doc/en/reference/graphs.rst
    a b  
    44.. toctree::
    55   :maxdepth: 2
     7   sage/graphs/cliquer
    78   sage/graphs/graph
    89   sage/graphs/graph_generators
    910   sage/graphs/graph_database
  • sage/graphs/cliquer.pyx

    diff -r 684eea91ff22 -r 04b079e4087b sage/graphs/cliquer.pyx
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     2Cliquer : routines for finding cliques in graphs
     4This module defines functions based on Cliquer, an exact branch-and-bound algorithm developped by Patric R. J. Ostergard and written by Sampo Niskanen.
     8- Nathann Cohen (2009-08-14): Initial version
    114def max_clique(graph):
    215    """
    316    Returns the vertex set of a maximum complete subgraph.