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  • doc/common/builder.py

    # HG changeset patch
    # User J. H. Palmieri <palmieri@math.washington.edu>
    # Date 1359132492 28800
    # Node ID 2ef4e4b701465e011365bef08190ca6088886172
    # Parent  b843f9ef8479cbfd515e6b5efef2f59925179e61
    docstrings for a few methods in doc/common/builder.py.
    diff --git a/doc/common/builder.py b/doc/common/builder.py
    a b class WebsiteBuilder(DocBuilder): 
    330330    def html(self):
    331331        """
    332332        After we've finished building the website index page, we copy
    333         everything one directory up.  Then, we walk the reference manual,
    334         and add html files the
     333        everything one directory up.  Then we call
     334        :meth:`create_html_redirects`.
    335335        """
    336336        DocBuilder.html(self)
    337337        html_output_dir = self._output_dir('html')
    class WebsiteBuilder(DocBuilder): 
    344344    def create_html_redirects(self):
    345345        """
    346         Writes a number of small HTML files of files which used to
    347         exist before splitting the reference manual into multiple
    348         documents.  These just redirect to the correct file after the
    349         splitting.
     346        Writes a number of small HTML files; these are files which
     347        used to contain the main content of the reference manual
     348        before before splitting the manual into multiple
     349        documents. After the split, those files have moved, so in each
     350        old location, write a file which redirects to the new version.
     351        (This is so old URLs to pieces of the reference manual still
     352        open the correct files.)
    350353        """
    351354        # The simple html template which will cause a redirect to the
    352355        # correct file