Ticket #6456: 6456-error-check-while-installing.patch

File 6456-error-check-while-installing.patch, 572 bytes (added by drkirkby, 9 years ago)

Check for errors while installing cvxopt. Note there is still no spkg-check file. That may or may not be useful - it depends on the source code whether it supports tests.

  • spkg-install

    # HG changeset patch
    # User David Kirkby <david.kirkby@onetel.net>
    # Date 1279392148 -3600
    # Node ID 22512c95cd1d830d0a3371622242e8c9b1dffd70
    # Parent  f22631afbe00bb9a01369554f43f73f586bda0d2
    # Add error checking code, so Sage exits if the installation of cvxopt fails.
    diff -r f22631afbe00 -r 22512c95cd1d spkg-install
    a b  
    2323cd src/src
    2525python setup.py install
     26if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
     27   echo "An error occured when installing cvxopt"
     28   exit 1