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    # HG changeset patch
    # User J. H. Palmieri <palmieri@math.washington.edu>
    # Date 1219116021 25200
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    triple dots are not visible in live version of tutorial
    diff -r 281784147e70 -r 2826fca45272 tut/tut.tex
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    481481sage: is_even(3)
    484 Note: You should not type the triple dots \code{...} above; they are
    485 just to emphasize that the code is indented.
     484Note: Depending on which version of the notebook you are viewing, you
     485may see three dots \code{...} on the second line of this example.  Do
     486not type them; they are just to emphasize that the code is indented.
    487488You do not specify the types of any of the input
    488489arguments.  You can specify multiple inputs, each of which