Ticket #3739: sage-3739-part2.patch

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small followup when refereeing patch

  • sage/server/notebook/notebook.py

    # HG changeset patch
    # User William Stein <wstein@gmail.com>
    # Date 1217368493 25200
    # Node ID 40a98e5a578699e45c88d1b6799a59a966abf65f
    # Parent  71bae10fa73f611603a02f492a3d02b55706fa45
    trac #3739 -- small followup to "new user default" for the notebook (basically it didn't work because of a trailing slash..., and don't show this when viewing the trash).
    diff -r 71bae10fa73f -r 40a98e5a5786 sage/server/notebook/notebook.py
    a b class Notebook(SageObject): 
    13331333            v.append(k)
    13351335        s += ''.join(v)
    1336         if not v:
     1336        if not v and typ != 'trash':
    13371337            s += """<tr><td colspan="5" style="padding:20px;text-align:center">Welcome to Sage! You can
    1338 <a href="/new_worksheet/">create a new worksheet</a>, view some <a href="/pub/">published worksheets</a>, or read
    1339 some <a href="/help">documentation</a>.</td></tr>"""
     1338<a href="/new_worksheet">create a new worksheet</a>, view <a href="/pub/">published worksheets</a>, or read the <a href="/help" target="_new">documentation</a>.</td></tr>"""
    13401339        s += '</table>'
    13421341        return s