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    # HG changeset patch
    # User William Stein <wstein@gmail.com>
    # Date 1210461668 25200
    # Node ID 58e234c6d65c56fbc4ce2172e6cc61d0be2e2bcf
    # Parent  6c3f5ea66e68c1311a75cf71ed9ec1c39d34cbfb
    trac #3136 -- the readme for osx should be changed to delete the line about inotebook()
    diff -r 6c3f5ea66e68 -r 58e234c6d65c sage-README-osx.txt
    a b 5) SAGE should pop up in a window. 
    25255) SAGE should pop up in a window.
    26266) For the graphical notebook, type
    2727     notebook()
    28    and follow the directions, which are to open firefox or safari (your choice)
     28   You might have to open Firefox or Safari (your choice)
    2929   to the URL
    3030       http://localhost:8000
    31    If you are on a single user machine, using inotebook() is a little easier.
     31   to use Sage on your computer.
    32327) Email
    3333      http://groups.google.com/group/sage-support
    3434   with any questions.