Ticket #15333: trac_15333_step1.patch

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  • sage/modular/abvar/abvar.py

    # HG changeset patch
    # User Frederic Chapoton <chapoton at math.univ-lyon1.fr>
    # Date 1382894847 -3600
    # Node ID ed12ad64a474fc6786d7cab0c54a9dfbc8bae5aa
    # Parent  82361723e20ffb9bfa7c48cfe2ac3962296f60e7
    trac #15333 remove import of is_* in modules/all.py
    diff --git a/sage/modular/abvar/abvar.py b/sage/modular/abvar/abvar.py
    a b from cuspidal_subgroup import C 
    3636from sage.rings.all             import (ZZ, QQ, QQbar, LCM,
    3737                                        divisors, Integer, prime_range)
    3838from sage.rings.ring import is_Ring
    39 from sage.modules.all           import is_FreeModule
     39from sage.modules.free_module   import is_FreeModule
    4040from sage.modular.arithgroup.all import is_CongruenceSubgroup, is_Gamma0, is_Gamma1, is_GammaH
    4141from sage.modular.modsym.all    import ModularSymbols
    4242from sage.modular.modsym.space  import ModularSymbolsSpace
  • sage/modular/hecke/ambient_module.py

    diff --git a/sage/modular/hecke/ambient_module.py b/sage/modular/hecke/ambient_module.py
    a b class AmbientHeckeModule(module.HeckeMod 
    929929            Modular Forms subspace of dimension 2 of Modular Forms space of dimension 3 for Congruence Subgroup Gamma0(37) of weight 2 over Rational Field
    930930        """
    931931        if check:
    932             if not sage.modules.all.is_FreeModule(M):
     932            if not sage.modules.free_module.is_FreeModule(M):
    933933                V = self.free_module()
    934934                if isinstance(M, (list,tuple)):
    935935                    M = V.span([V(x.element()) for x in M])
    936936                else:
    937937                    M = V.span(M)
    938938            if not M.is_submodule(self.free_module()):
    939                 raise TypeError, "M must be a submodule of the free module associated to this module."
     939                raise TypeError("M must be a submodule of the free module associated to this module.")
    940940            if M == self.free_module():
    941941                return self
    942942        return self._submodule_class()(self, M, Mdual, check=check)
  • sage/modular/hecke/submodule.py

    diff --git a/sage/modular/hecke/submodule.py b/sage/modular/hecke/submodule.py
    a b class HeckeSubmodule(module.HeckeModule_ 
    7979        """
    8080        if not isinstance(ambient, ambient_module.AmbientHeckeModule):
    8181            raise TypeError, "ambient must be an ambient Hecke module"
    82         if not sage.modules.all.is_FreeModule(submodule):
     82        if not sage.modules.free_module.is_FreeModule(submodule):
    8383            raise TypeError, "submodule must be a free module"
    8484        if not submodule.is_submodule(ambient.free_module()):
    8585            raise ValueError, "submodule must be a submodule of the ambient free module"
    class HeckeSubmodule(module.HeckeModule_ 
    9393        module.HeckeModule_free_module.__init__(self,
    9494                                  ambient.base_ring(), ambient.level(), ambient.weight())
    9595        if not (dual_free_module is None):
    96             if not sage.modules.all.is_FreeModule(dual_free_module):
     96            if not sage.modules.free_module.is_FreeModule(dual_free_module):
    9797                raise TypeError, "dual_free_module must be a free module"
    9898            if dual_free_module.rank () != submodule.rank():
    9999                raise ArithmeticError, "dual_free_module must have the same rank as submodule"
    class HeckeSubmodule(module.HeckeModule_ 
    896896            sage: S.submodule(S[0].free_module())
    897897            Modular Symbols subspace of dimension 2 of Modular Symbols space of dimension 18 for Gamma_0(18) of weight 4 with sign 0 over Rational Field
    898898        """
    899         if not sage.modules.all.is_FreeModule(M):
     899        if not sage.modules.free_module.is_FreeModule(M):
    900900            V = self.ambient_module().free_module()
    901901            if isinstance(M, (list,tuple)):
    902902                M = V.span([V(x.element()) for x in M])
    class HeckeSubmodule(module.HeckeModule_ 
    970970        if self.is_cuspidal():
    971971            return self.sturm_bound()
    972972        else:
    973             return self.ambient_hecke_module().hecke_bound()
    974  No newline at end of file
     973            return self.ambient_hecke_module().hecke_bound()
  • sage/modular/modsym/boundary.py

    diff --git a/sage/modular/modsym/boundary.py b/sage/modular/modsym/boundary.py
    a b REFERENCES: 
    103103from   sage.misc.misc import repr_lincomb
    105105import sage.modules.free_module as free_module
    106 from   sage.modules.all import is_FreeModuleElement
     106from sage.modules.free_module_element import is_FreeModuleElement
    108108import sage.modular.arithgroup.all as arithgroup
    109109import sage.modular.cusps as cusps
  • sage/modules/all.py

    diff --git a/sage/modules/all.py b/sage/modules/all.py
    a b  
    1313#                  http://www.gnu.org/licenses/
    16 from free_module import FreeModule, VectorSpace, span, is_FreeModule
     16from free_module import FreeModule, VectorSpace, span
    18 from free_quadratic_module import FreeQuadraticModule, QuadraticSpace, InnerProductSpace, is_FreeQuadraticModule
     18from free_quadratic_module import (FreeQuadraticModule, QuadraticSpace,
     19                                   InnerProductSpace)
    20 from free_module_element import is_FreeModuleElement, vector, free_module_element, zero_vector, random_vector
     21from free_module_element import (vector, free_module_element, zero_vector,
     22                                 random_vector)
    22 from free_module_homspace import is_FreeModuleHomspace
    24 from free_module_morphism import is_FreeModuleMorphism
    26 from module import is_Module, is_VectorSpace
    28 from module_element import ModuleElement, is_ModuleElement
     24from module_element import ModuleElement
    3026import vector_callable_symbolic_dense
    32 from vector_space_homspace import is_VectorSpaceHomspace
    34 from vector_space_morphism import is_VectorSpaceMorphism, linear_transformation
     28from vector_space_morphism import linear_transformation
    3630import vector_symbolic_dense
  • sage/schemes/elliptic_curves/monsky_washnitzer.py

    diff --git a/sage/schemes/elliptic_curves/monsky_washnitzer.py b/sage/schemes/elliptic_curves/monsky_washnitzer.py
    a b from sage.rings.all import QQ 
    17371737from sage.rings.laurent_series_ring import is_LaurentSeriesRing
    17381738from sage.rings.integral_domain import is_IntegralDomain
    1740 from sage.modules.all import FreeModule, is_FreeModuleElement
     1740from sage.modules.free_module import FreeModule
     1741from sage.modules.free_module_element import is_FreeModuleElement
    17421743from sage.misc.profiler import Profiler
    17431744from sage.misc.misc import repr_lincomb