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    # HG changeset patch
    # User J. H. Palmieri <palmieri@math.washington.edu>
    # Date 1382552631 25200
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    Update top-level README for installation with OS X Mavericks
    diff --git a/README.txt b/README.txt
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    7575   "Precise"), you need the dpkg-dev package.
    7777   OS X: Xcode. Make sure you have installed the most recent version
    78    of Xcode. For pre-Lion versions of OS X, you can download Xcode
    79    from http://developer.apple.com/downloads/. For OS X Lion, you can
    80    install it using the App Store. With Xcode 4.3 or later, you need
    81    to install the "Command Line Tools": from the File menu, choose
    82    "Preferences", then the "Downloads" tab, and then "Install" the
    83    Command Line Tools.
     78   of Xcode. With recent versions of OS X (OS X Lion or later), you
     79   can install Xcode for free from the App Store. For pre-Lion
     80   versions of OS X, you can download Xcode from
     81   http://developer.apple.com/downloads/.
     83   With OS X, you also need to install the "command line tools". When
     84   using OS X Mavericks, after installing Xcode, run this command from
     85   a terminal window:
     87      xcode-select --install
     89   Then click "Install" in the pop-up window.
     91   When using OS X Mountain Lion or earlier, you need to install the
     92   command line tools from Xcode: run Xcode; then from the File
     93   menu, choose "Preferences", then the "Downloads" tab, and then
     94   "Install" the Command Line Tools.
    8596   Other platforms: See detailed instructions below.