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    Update installation guide for installation with OS X Mavericks
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    166166`Xcode <http://developer.apple.com/xcode/>`_
    167167(which at the time of writing is freely available in the Mac App Store,
    168168or through http://developer.apple.com/downloads/ provided you registered for an
    169 Apple Developer account),
    170 you can open Xcode's "Downloads" preference pane and install the command line
     169Apple Developer account), you can install the command line tools from
     170there: with OS X Mavericks, run the command ``xcode-select --install``
     171from a Terminal window and click "Install" in the pop-up dialog
     172box. Using OS X Mountain Lion or earlier, run Xcode, open its "Downloads"
     173preference pane and install the command line
    171174tools from there.
    172175On pre-Lion OS X systems, the command line tools are not available as a
    173176separate download and you have to install the full-blown Xcode supporting your