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    990990  systems with CPU throttling or if you want to distribute the binaries.
    991991  Available architectures are
    993     ``POWER3``, ``POWER4``, ``POWER5``, ``PPCG4``, ``PPCG5``,
    994     ``POWER6``, ``POWER7``, ``IBMz9``, ``IBMz10``, ``IBMz196``,
    995     ``x86x87``, ``x86SSE1``, ``x86SSE2``, ``x86SSE3``, ``P5``,
     993    ``POWER3``, ``POWER4``, ``POWER5``, ``PPCG4``, ``PPCG5``, ``P5``,
    996994    ``P5MMX``, ``PPRO``, ``PII``, ``PIII``, ``PM``, ``CoreSolo``,
    997     ``CoreDuo``, ``Core2Solo``, ``Core2``, ``Corei1``, ``Corei2``,
    998     ``Atom``, ``P4``, ``P4E``, ``Efficeon``, ``K7``, ``HAMMER``,
    999     ``AMD64K10h``, ``AMDDOZER``, ``UNKNOWNx86``, ``IA64Itan``,
    1000     ``IA64Itan2``, ``USI``, ``USII``, ``USIII``, ``USIV``, ``UST2``,
    1001     ``UnknownUS``, ``MIPSR1xK``, ``MIPSICE9``, ``ARMv7``.
     995    ``CoreDuo``, ``Core2Solo``, ``Core2``, ``Corei7``, ``P4``,
     996    ``P4E``, ``Efficeon``, ``K7``, ``HAMMER``, ``AMD64K10h``,
     997    ``IA64Itan``, ``IA64Itan2``, ``USI``, ``USII``, ``USIII``,
     998    ``USIV``, ``UnknownUS``, ``MIPSR1xK``, ``MIPSICE9``
    10031000  and instruction set extensions are
    1005     ``VSX``, ``AltiVec``, ``AVXMAC``, ``AVXFMA4``, ``AVX``, ``SSE3``,
    1006     ``SSE2``, ``SSE1``, ``3DNow``, ``NEON``.
     1002    ``AltiVec``, ``SSE3``, ``SSE2``, ``SSE1``, ``3DNow``.
    10081004  In addition, you can also set
    10161012  For example,
    1018     ``SAGE_ATLAS_ARCH=Corei2,AVX,SSE3,SSE2,SSE1``
     1014    ``SAGE_ATLAS_ARCH=Corei7,SSE3,SSE2,SSE1``
    10201016  would be appropriate for a Core i7 CPU.
    10241020  own version of ATLAS, set this variable to be the directory containing your
    10251021  ATLAS installation.
    10261022  It should contain the files :file:`libatlas`, :file:`liblapack`,
    1027   :file:`libcblas`, :file:`libptcblas`, :file:`libf77blas`, and
    1028   :file:`libptf77blas`, with extensions ``.a``, ``.so``, or ``.dylib``.
     1023  :file:`libcblas`, and :file:`libf77blas` with extensions ``.a``, ``.so``, or
     1024  ``.dylib``.
    10291025  For backward compatibility, the libraries may also be in the subdirectory
    10301026  :file:`SAGE_ATLAS_LIB/lib/`.
    1268 Usually Sage will build ATLAS with architectural defaults that are not tuned
    1269 to your particular CPU.
    1270 In particular, if your CPU has powersaving enabled then no accurate timings
    1271 can be made to tune the ATLAS build for your hardware.
    1272 If BLAS performance is critical for you, you must recompile ATLAS after
    1273 installing Sage either with architecture settings that match your hardware,
    1274 or run through ATLAS' automatic tuning process where timings of different
    1275 implementations are compared and the best choice used to build a custom ATLAS
    1276 library.
    1277 To do so, you have to
     1264Sometimes the ATLAS spkg can fail to build.
     1265Some things to check for:
    1279 - Leave the computer idle while you are reinstalling ATLAS.
    1280   Most of ATLAS will intentionally only compile/run on a single core.
    1281   Accurate timings of cache edges require that the CPU is otherwise idle.
     1267- Make sure that CPU throttling mode (i.e. power-saving mode) is turned off
     1268  when building ATLAS.
    1283 - Make sure that CPU powersaving mode (that is, anything but the
    1284   ``performance`` CPU scaling governor in Linux) is turned off when building
    1285   ATLAS.
    1286   This requires administrator privileges.
    1288 - If your architecture is listed in :envvar:`SAGE_ATLAS_ARCH`, you should set
    1289   it as it can help ATLAS in narrowing down the timing search.
    1291 To help you disable CPU power saving, Sage includes an ``atlas-config`` script
    1292 that will turn off CPU powersave and rebuild ATLAS.
    1293 The script will call ``sudo`` to gain the necessary rights, which may prompt
    1294 you for your password. For example::
    1296     atlas-config
    1298 will run through the full automated tuning, and::
    1300     SAGE_ATLAS_ARCH=Corei2,AVX,SSE3,SSE2,SSE1 atlas-config
    1302 would be appropriate if you have a Core i3/5/7 processor with AVX support.
     1270- The ATLAS build can also fail if the system load is too high, and in
     1271  particular this has been known to happen when building with
     1272  ``MAKE='make -jNUM'`` with ``NUM`` large.
     1273  If this happens, just try running ``make`` again.
     1274  If ``make`` fails after five or six attempts, report your problem to the
     1275  sage-devel mailing list at http://groups.google.com/group/sage-devel.
    13061278**This page was last updated in June 2013 (Sage 5.10).**