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  • sage/combinat/tableau.py

    # HG changeset patch
    # User Travis Scrimshaw <tscrim@ucdavis.edu>
    # Date 1366204656 25200
    # Node ID 8c2833b689aaf4f698b44165bbd17d7380fb3149
    # Parent 6ab3c2edfbfccd838c2fd21a859847442515dc47
    #14461: Review patch.
    diff --git a/sage/combinat/tableau.py b/sage/combinat/tableau.py
    a b class StandardTableaux_size(StandardTabl 
    44104410        Return the cardinality of number of standard tableaux of size
    44114411        ``n``.
     4413        The number of standard tableaux of `n` is equal to the number of
     4414        involutions of size `n`. This is a consequence of the symmetry of
     4415        the RSK correspondence, that if `\sigma \mapsto (P, Q)`, then
     4416        `\sigma^{-1} \mapsto (Q, P)`. For more information, see
     4417        :wikipedia:`Robinson-Schensted-Knuth_correspondence#Symmetry`.
    44134419        ALGORITHM:
    44154421        The algorithm uses the fact that standard tableaux of size