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  • new file sage-rebase_sage.bat

    # HG changeset patch
    # User Dmitrii Pasechnik <dimpase@gmail.com>
    # Date 1359437758 -28800
    # Node ID 528d94a62260bbc385be18b17526893bf0a1b490
    # Parent  91a024ac9926c44baca570ba3943a30b92ac25c8
    Cygwin rebasing scripts/batchfiles fixed
    diff --git a/sage-rebase_sage.bat b/sage-rebase_sage.bat
    new file mode 100644
    - +  
     1@ECHO OFF
     2rem Author: Dmitrii Pasechnik <dimpase@gmail.com>
     3rem Rebase all dlls in SAGE_ROOT directory (and subdirectories)
     4rem and the Cygwin system dlls.
     6rem Invoke this script from Windows command prompt,
     7rem after adjusting SAGE_ROOT to the Windows location of sage directory,
     8rem and, if your Cygwin is in non-standard location, adjusting CYGWIN_BIN
     10set SAGE_ROOT=C:\cygwin\usr\local\src\sage\sage-5.7.beta0
     11set CYGWIN_BIN=C:\cygwin\bin\
     13rem make sure dash can be called from MSDOS prompt:
     15rem suppress warning about MSDOS-style PATH
     16set CYGWIN=nodosfilewarning
     17rem call the dash script to do the real work
     18rem dash %SAGE_ROOT%\local\bin\s.sh
     19echo Rebase all dlls in %SAGE_ROOT% directory
     20echo (and subdirectories) and Cygwin dlls
     21cd %SAGE_ROOT%
     22rem %CYGWIN_BIN%dash %SAGE_ROOT%\local\bin\s.sh
     23%CYGWIN_BIN%dash %SAGE_ROOT%\local\bin\sage-rebase_sage.sh
  • sage-rebase_sage.sh

    diff --git a/sage-rebase_sage.sh b/sage-rebase_sage.sh
    a b  
    1 #!/usr/bin/env bash
    33# Author: Gary Zablackis <gzabl@yahoo.com>
     4# Modified by: Dmitrii Pasechnik <dimpase@gmail.com>
    56# Rebase all dlls in the current sage directory (and subdirectories)
    6 # This is needed when installing SAGE binaries under Windows.
     7# Invoke this script from Windows command prompt, as follows :
     8# (assuming that SAGE_ROOT is set to the Windows location of sage dir,
     9#  and that Cygwin's bin directry (usually C:\cygin\bin) is in your
     10#  Windows path)
     12# > dash %SAGE_ROOT%\local\bin\sage-rebase_sage.sh
     13#    (to suppress a warinig about MSDOS-style path, set
     14#     CYGWIN to nodosfilewarning)
     16echo "Getting list of dlls...This may take awhile..."
     17/bin/find -name *.dll > /tmp/Sage-dlls.lst
     18/bin/rebaseall -T /tmp/Sage-dlls.lst
    8 # It is currently not yet deployed, since I don't know when/how/what
    9 # to do with it.  -- William Stein
    11 echo "Getting list of dlls...This may take awhile..."
    13 /bin/find -name *.dll > Sage-dlls.lst
    15 rebaseall -T Sage-dlls.lst