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    Document that Sage can now be bootstrapped with Clang
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    6969  a wide variety of C compilers is supported.
    7070  Many GCC versions work,
    7171  from as old as version 3.4.3 to the most recent release.
     72  Clang also works.
    7273  On Solaris systems, the Sun compiler should also work.
    73   Clang currently does not work.
    7474  See also `Using alternative compilers`_.
    7575- **make**: GNU make, version 3.80 or later. Version 3.82 or later is recommended.
    7676- **m4**: GNU m4 1.4.2 or later (non-GNU or older versions might also work).
    219219Sage developers tend to use fairly recent versions of GCC.
    220 Nonetheless, Sage build process should succeed with any reasonable C compiler.
     220Nonetheless, the Sage build process should succeed with any reasonable C compiler.
    221221This is because Sage will build GCC first (if needed) and then use that newly
    222222built GCC to compile Sage.
    224224If you don't want this and want to try building Sage with a different set of
    226226you need to set the environment variable :envvar:`SAGE_INSTALL_GCC` to ``no``.
     227Make sure you have C, C++ and Fortran compilers installed!
    228 Clang is currently not supported, see :trac:`12426`.
     229Building all of Sage with Clang is currently not supported, see :trac:`12426`.
    230231If you are interested in working on support for commerical compilers from
    231232`HP <http://docs.hp.com/en/5966-9844/ch01s03.html>`_,
    1312 **This page was last updated in June 2013 (Sage 5.10).**
     1313**This page was last updated in October 2013 (Sage 5.12).**