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    Match the documentation of SAGE_DEBUG to its actual use
    diff --git a/doc/en/installation/source.rst b/doc/en/installation/source.rst
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    672672  connection while building Sage with ccache, so that Sage can pull
    673673  down the necessary sources.
    675 - :envvar:`SAGE_DEBUG` - about half a dozen Sage packages use this
    676   variable.  If it is unset (the default) or set to "yes", then
    677   debugging is turned on.  If it is set to anything else, then
    678   debugging is turned off.
     675- :envvar:`SAGE_DEBUG` - enable debugging support. There are three
     676  different values:
     678  * Not set (or set to anything else than "yes" or "no"): Build
     679    binaries with debugging symbols, but no special debug builds. This
     680    is the default. There is no performance impact, only additional
     681    disk space is used.
     683  * ``SAGE_DEBUG=no``: no means no debugging symbols (that is, no
     684    ``gcc -g``), which saves some disk space.
     686  * ``SAGE_DEBUG=yes``: build debug versions if possible (in
     687    particular, Python is built with additional debugging turned on
     688    and Singular is built with a different memory manager). These will
     689    be notably slower but, for example, make it much easier to
     690    pinpoint memory allocation problems.
    680692- :envvar:`SAGE_SPKG_LIST_FILES` - Set this to "yes" to enable
    681693  verbose extraction of tar files, i.e. Sage's spkg files. Since