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  • sage/categories/homset.py

    # HG changeset patch
    # User Simon King <simon.king@uni-jena.de>
    # Date 1369405208 -7200
    # Node ID a4cca347b2b2902c7bee2f52f506ac9d7c4a616a
    # Parent  fb77984e608861972de70c65fb0caa9fd6ae1ad0
    #12876: Review patch, adding a test demonstrating a cache shortcut
    diff --git a/sage/categories/homset.py b/sage/categories/homset.py
    a b  
    182182        sage: H1 is H2
    183183        True
     185    Moreover, if no category is provided, then the result is identic with
     186    the result for the meet of the categories of domain and codomain::
     188        sage: Hom(QQ, ZZ) is Hom(QQ,ZZ, Category.meet([QQ.category(), ZZ.category()]))
     189        True
    185191    Some doc tests in :mod:`sage.rings` (need to) break the unique
    186192    parent assumption. But if domain or codomain are not unique
    187193    parents, then the homset will not fit. That is to say, the hom set