Ticket #12719: trac_12719_purge_ipy_profile_sage.patch

File trac_12719_purge_ipy_profile_sage.patch, 1.0 KB (added by vbraun, 9 years ago)

Initial patch

  • sage-make_devel_packages

    # HG changeset patch
    # User Volker Braun <vbraun.name@gmail.com>
    # Date 1358979928 0
    # Node ID fca3c833527c24d083eae8498a7272a231683b8d
    # Parent  7e581bf860d94067ac48eddd12f53557d0550a16
    Purge remaining occurences of ipy_profile_sage.py
    diff --git a/sage-make_devel_packages b/sage-make_devel_packages
    a b  
    113113mkdir "$SCRIPTS"
    114114rm sage-*~
    116 cp -pr sage-* .hg* ipy_profile_sage.py "$SCRIPTS"/
     116cp -pr sage-* .hg* "$SCRIPTS"/
    117117cp -p "$SAGE_ROOT"/local/bin/sage-spkg-install "$SCRIPTS"/spkg-install
    118118cp -p "$SAGE_ROOT"/local/bin/ncadoctest.py "$SCRIPTS"/
    119119cp -p "$SAGE_ROOT"/local/bin/sagedoctest.py "$SCRIPTS"/
  • sage-spkg-install

    diff --git a/sage-spkg-install b/sage-spkg-install
    a b  
    1717   hg update
    1919    # Initial install.  Just copy all the files over.
    20     cp -pR sage-*  *doctest.py .hg* ipy_profile_sage.py "$TARGET"
     20    cp -pR sage-*  *doctest.py .hg* "$TARGET"
    2323# Create an appropriate hgrc file for the target