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  • sage/modules/free_module.py

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    12688: documentation for span constructor, update
    diff --git a/sage/modules/free_module.py b/sage/modules/free_module.py
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    439439    r"""
    440440    Return the span of the vectors in ``gens`` using scalars from ``base_ring``.
    442     INPUTS:
     442    INPUT:
    444444    - ``gens`` - a list of either vectors or lists of ring elements
    445445      used to generate the span
    455455      order to skip the computation of an echelonized basis for the
    456456      span.
     458    OUTPUT:
     460    A module (or vector space) that is all the linear combinations of the
     461    free module elements (or vectors) with scalars from the
     462    ring (or field) given by ``base_ring``.  See the examples below
     463    describing behavior when the base ring is not specified and/or
     464    the module elements are given as lists that do not carry
     465    explicit base ring information.
    458467    EXAMPLES:
    460469    The vectors in the list of generators can be given as