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Output of the test file

1Defining s0s0, s0s1, s0s2, s0s3, s0s4, s0s5, s0s6, s0s7, s0s8, s0s9, s0s10, s0s11, s0s12, s0s13, s0s14, s0s15, s0s16, s0s17, s0s18, s0s19, s0s20, s0s21, s0s22, s0s23, s0s24, s0s25, s0s26, s0s27, s0s28, s0s29, s0s30, s0s31, s0s32, s0s33, s0s34, s0s35, s0s36, s0s37, s0s38, s0s39, s0s40, s0s41, s0s42, s0s43, s0s44, s0s45, s0s46, s0s47, s0s48, s0s49, s0s50, s0s51, s0s52, s0s53, s0s54, s0s55, s0s56, s0s57, s0s58, s0s59, s0s60, s0s61, s0s62, s0s63, s0s64, s0s65, s0s66, s0s67, s0s68, s0s69, s0s70, s0s71, s0s72, s0s73, s0s74, s0s75, s0s76, s0s77, s0s78, s0s79, s0s80, s0s81, s0s82, s0s83, s0s84, s0s85, s0s86, s0s87, s0s88, s0s89, s0s90, s0s91, s0s92, s0s93, s0s94, s0s95, s0s96, s0s97, s0s98, s0s99, s0s100, s0s101, s0s102, s0s103, s0s104, s0s105, s0s106, s0s107, s0s108, s0s109, s0s110, s0s111, s0s112, s0s113, s0s114, s0s115, s0s116, s0s117, s0s118, s0s119, s0s120, s0s121, s0s122, s0s123, s0s124, s0s125, s0s126, s0s127, s0s128, s0s129, s0s130, s0s131, s0s132, s0s133, s0s134, s0s135, s0s136, s0s137, s0s138, s0s139, s0s140, s0s141, s0s142, s0s143, s0s144, s0s145, s0s146, s0s147, s0s148, s0s149, s0s150, s0s151, s0s152, s0s153, s0s154, s0s155, s0s156, s0s157, s0s158, s0s159, s0s160, s0s161, s0s162, s0s163, s0s164, s0s165, s0s166, s0s167, s0s168, s0s169, s0s170, s0s171, s0s172, s0s173, s0s174, s0s175, s0s176, s0s177, s0s178, s0s179, s0s180, s0s181, s0s182, s0s183, s0s184, s0s185, s0s186, s0s187, s0s188, s0s189, s0s190, s0s191, s0s192, s0s193, s0s194, s0s195, s0s196, s0s197, s0s198, s0s199, s0s200, s0s201, s0s202, s0s203, s0s204, s0s205, s0s206, s0s207, s0s208, s0s209, s0s210, s0s211, s0s212, s0s213, s0s214, s0s215, s0s216, s0s217, s0s218, s0s219, s0s220, s0s221, s0s222, s0s223, s0s224, s0s225, s0s226, s0s227, s0s228, s0s229, s0s230, s0s231, s0s232, s0s233, s0s234, s0s235, s0s236, s0s237, s0s238, s0s239, s0s240, s0s241, s0s242, s0s243, s0s244, s0s245, s0s246, s0s247, s0s248, s0s249, s0s250, s0s251, s0s252, s0s253, s0s254, s0s255, s1s0, s1s1, s1s2, s1s3, s1s4, s1s5, s1s6, s1s7, s1s8, s1s9, s1s10, s1s11, s1s12, s1s13, s1s14, s1s15, s1s16, s1s17, s1s18, s1s19, s1s20, s1s21, s1s22, s1s23, s1s24, s1s25, s1s26, s1s27, s1s28, s1s29, s1s30, s1s31, s1s32, s1s33, s1s34, s1s35, s1s36, s1s37, s1s38, s1s39, s1s40, s1s41, s1s42, s1s43, s1s44, s1s45, s1s46, s1s47, s1s48, s1s49, s1s50, s1s51, s1s52, s1s53, s1s54, s1s55, s1s56, s1s57, s1s58, s1s59, s1s60, s1s61, s1s62, s1s63, s1s64, s1s65, s1s66, s1s67, s1s68, s1s69, s1s70, s1s71, s1s72, s1s73, s1s74, s1s75, s1s76, s1s77, s1s78, s1s79, s1s80, s1s81, s1s82, s1s83, s1s84, s1s85, s1s86, s1s87, s1s88, s1s89, s1s90, s1s91, s1s92, s1s93, s1s94, s1s95, s1s96, s1s97, s1s98, s1s99, s1s100, s1s101, s1s102, s1s103, s1s104, s1s105, s1s106, s1s107, s1s108, s1s109, s1s110, s1s111, s1s112, s1s113, s1s114, s1s115, s1s116, s1s117, s1s118, s1s119, s1s120, s1s121, s1s122, s1s123, s1s124, s1s125, s1s126, s1s127, s1s128, s1s129, s1s130, s1s131, s1s132, s1s133, s1s134, s1s135, s1s136, s1s137, s1s138, s1s139, s1s140, s1s141, s1s142, s1s143, s1s144, s1s145, s1s146, s1s147, s1s148, s1s149, s1s150, s1s151, s1s152, s1s153, s1s154, s1s155, s1s156, s1s157, s1s158, s1s159, s1s160, s1s161, s1s162, s1s163, s1s164, s1s165, s1s166, s1s167, s1s168, s1s169, s1s170, s1s171, s1s172, s1s173, s1s174, s1s175, s1s176, s1s177, s1s178, s1s179, s1s180, s1s181, s1s182, s1s183, s1s184, s1s185, s1s186, s1s187, s1s188, s1s189, s1s190, s1s191, s1s192, s1s193, s1s194, s1s195, s1s196, s1s197, s1s198, s1s199, s1s200, s1s201, s1s202, s1s203, s1s204, s1s205, s1s206, s1s207, s1s208, s1s209, s1s210, s1s211, s1s212, s1s213, s1s214, s1s215, s1s216, s1s217, s1s218, s1s219, s1s220, s1s221, s1s222, s1s223, s1s224, s1s225, s1s226, s1s227, s1s228, s1s229, s1s230, s1s231, s1s232, s1s233, s1s234, s1s235, s1s236, s1s237, s1s238, s1s239, s1s240, s1s241, s1s242, s1s243, s1s244, s1s245, s1s246, s1s247, s1s248, s1s249, s1s250, s1s251, s1s252, s1s253, s1s254, s1s255
2preprocessing for option: clean_arguments
3preprocessing for option: easy_linear_polynomials
4preprocessing for option: gauss_on_linear
5preprocessing for option: ll_constants
6preprocessing for option: eliminate_identical_variables
7preprocessing for option: other_ordering_first
8preprocessing for option: clean_arguments
9preprocessing for option: easy_linear_polynomials
10preprocessing for option: gauss_on_linear
11preprocessing for option: ll_constants
12preprocessing for option: eliminate_identical_variables
13number of passed generators: 40785
14added delayed
15Current Degree: 1
16( 40768 )
17start reducing
18Chain Crit. :  0 VC: 0 EASYP 0 EXTP 0
1917 spolys added
20switching to la
23finished gauss
24finished sort
25finished translate
26finished transpose
27finished permute
28finished submat
29finished transpose
30iterate over rest polys
31start mult
32end mult
34finished gauss
35end reducing
36Result:  deg: 1 lm:  s0s255 el:  257
37#Generators: 1
38( 40768 )
39Result:  deg: 1 lm:  s1s111 el:  178
40#Generators: 2
41( 40768 )
42Result:  deg: 1 lm:  s1s112 el:  191
43#Generators: 3
44( 40768 )
45Result:  deg: 1 lm:  s1s114 el:  196
46#Generators: 4
47( 40768 )
48Result:  deg: 1 lm:  s1s115 el:  180
49#Generators: 5
50( 40768 )
51Result:  deg: 1 lm:  s1s116 el:  167
52#Generators: 6
53( 40768 )
54Result:  deg: 1 lm:  s1s117 el:  167
55#Generators: 7
56( 40768 )
57Result:  deg: 1 lm:  s1s118 el:  184
58#Generators: 8
59( 40768 )
60Result:  deg: 1 lm:  s1s119 el:  189
61#Generators: 9
62( 40768 )
63Result:  deg: 1 lm:  s1s120 el:  185
64#Generators: 10
65( 40768 )
66Result:  deg: 1 lm:  s1s121 el:  182
67#Generators: 11
68( 40768 )
69Result:  deg: 1 lm:  s1s122 el:  187
70#Generators: 12
71( 40768 )
72Result:  deg: 1 lm:  s1s123 el:  178
73#Generators: 13
74( 40768 )
75Result:  deg: 1 lm:  s1s124 el:  185
76#Generators: 14
77( 40768 )
78Result:  deg: 1 lm:  s1s125 el:  187
79#Generators: 15
80( 40768 )
81Result:  deg: 1 lm:  s1s126 el:  190
82#Generators: 16
83( 40768 )
84Result:  deg: 1 lm:  s1s127 el:  173
85#Generators: 17
86( 40768 )
87Current Degree: 2
88( 39768 )
89start reducing
90Chain Crit. :  0 VC: 0 EASYP 136 EXTP 0
911000 spolys added
92switching to la
94STEP1: ROWS:1000COLUMNS:1000
95finished gauss
96finished sort
97finished translate
98finished transpose
99finished permute
100finished submat