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    # HG changeset patch
    # User Mike Hansen <mhansen@gmail.com>
    # Date 1196909365 21600
    # Node ID 7a34400c99d729ac439b346ff121cf18bfc74d33
    # Parent  2d673527e441c2d6573bfe7457d97eb101466fb0
    Fixed #1243.
    diff -r 2d673527e441 -r 7a34400c99d7 prog/prog.tex
    a b Lots and lots of examples. 
    194194The following is top of the ssmod.py file, which contains the
    195 SuperingularModule code and is located at
     195SupersingularModule code and is located at
    copyright with William Stein by includin 
    253253  important} that you include your name in the AUTHOR log, since
    254254everybody who submits code to \sage to receive proper credit.  (If
    255255ever you feel you are not receiving proper credit for anything you
    256 submit to \sage, please let William Stein!)
     256submit to \sage, please let William Stein know!)
    258258\section{Documentation Strings}\label{sec:conv-docs}
    259259{\bf Every} function should have a docstring that includes