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    # HG changeset patch
    # User Volker Braun <vbraun@stp.dias.ie>
    # Date 1316548459 -3600
    # Node ID ee6ecd8b610162f70e032568098bb73867ad175a
    # Parent  f670ebf3b2956465e7fa3b2f7dd6d2da16b60178
    Trac #11818: sage <script> does not run sage-cleaner
    When you are running a long computation, you are
    probably putting your sage program in a script.sage
    file and then run sage script.sage in a screened
    terminal. In that case, sage-cleaner is not run.
    So if you use @parallel, each fork creates a new
    subdirectory $DOT_SAGE/temp/hostname/pid that is
    not being cleaned up.
    diff --git a/sage-sage b/sage-sage
    a b  
    10211021       exit $?
    10221022   fi
    10231023   cd "$SAGE_LOCAL/bin/"
     1024   SAGE_BANNER="no" sage_setup
    10241025   sage-run "$CUR" "$@"
    10251026   exit $?