Ticket #11754: trac_11754-ifndef.patch

File trac_11754-ifndef.patch, 898 bytes (added by ncohen, 9 years ago)
  • sage/graphs/graph_decompositions/rankwidth/rw.h

    # HG changeset patch
    # User Nathann Cohen <nathann.cohen@gmail.com>
    # Date 1330012347 -3600
    # Node ID 137c1c2d77d3554ae75d947df0c83776a2c4e0f9
    # Parent  d94d5cbdaf3f6790c8c4a36b8d6c45c73420f88e
    Computation of rank-decompositions in Sage -- fixing some compilation problem
    diff --git a/sage/graphs/graph_decompositions/rankwidth/rw.h b/sage/graphs/graph_decompositions/rankwidth/rw.h
    a b  
    2626// Use data type uint_leastN_t. N is an upper limit on the size of the graphs that can be handled. N=32 seems to be a good compromise for now (the code works well with other values of N).
    2727// uint_leastN_t is faster than uint_fastN_t here, since the bottleneck is cache misses.
     28#ifndef subset_t
    2829typedef uint_least32_t subset_t;
    2932#define MAX_VERTICES 32
    3134// Input graph.