Ticket #11730: trac_11730_pkg_resources_sage.patch

File trac_11730_pkg_resources_sage.patch, 577 bytes (added by Julian Rüth, 11 years ago)

patch for sage

  • sage/interacts/library.py

    exporting patch:
    # HG changeset patch
    # User Julian Rüth <julian.rueth@gmail.com>
    Trac 11730: remove pkg_resource import from sage startup
    diff --git a/sage/interacts/library.py b/sage/interacts/library.py
    index 3e38805..348a925 100644
    a b AUTHORS: 
    3636from sage.all import *
    3737# this is not imported in sage.all, so we have to import it
     38from sagenb.notebook.interact import text_control, input_box, range_slider, selector, slider
    3839from sage.ext.fast_callable import fast_callable