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  • sage/graphs/generic_graph.py

    # HG changeset patch
    # User Jason Grout <jason.grout@drake.edu>
    # Date 1323797111 21600
    # Node ID 92c8324f5d8994bc245bd85659943a591cf1fdae
    # Parent  00e9b241a3dbbbbc68bfc41745f62ae60435610d
    Fix typo in graph cores() documentation
    diff --git a/sage/graphs/generic_graph.py b/sage/graphs/generic_graph.py
    a b  
    1024210242            * If ``k`` is an integer, returns a pair ``(ordering, core)``, where
    1024310243              ``core`` is the list of vertices in the `k`-core of ``self``, and
    10244               ``ordering`` is an elimination order for the others vertices such
     10244              ``ordering`` is an elimination order for the other vertices such
    1024510245              that each vertex is of degree strictly less than `k` when it is to
    1024610246              be eliminated from the graph.