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new typecodes

  • sage/matrix/matrix1.pyx

    # HG changeset patch
    # User Francois Bissey <francois.bissey@canterbury.ac.nz>
    # Date 1354828194 -46800
    # Node ID 5f6419273c8e18e3f0ccca1f8a5a7fd05694b677
    # Parent  5ffe42c86d9be3e3dbab51fc5dc07f2c55ff1853
    trac 11334: upgrade to numpy 1.7 - new typecodes
    diff --git a/sage/matrix/matrix1.pyx b/sage/matrix/matrix1.pyx
    a b  
    493493            sage: import numpy
    494494            sage: sorted(numpy.typecodes.items())
    495             [('All', '?bhilqpBHILQPfdgFDGSUVO'), ('AllFloat', 'fdgFDG'), ('AllInteger', 'bBhHiIlLqQpP'), ('Character', 'c'), ('Complex', 'FDG'), ('Float', 'fdg'), ('Integer', 'bhilqp'), ('UnsignedInteger', 'BHILQP')]
     495            [('All', '?bhilqpBHILQPefdgFDGSUVOMm'), ('AllFloat', 'efdgFDG'), ('AllInteger', 'bBhHiIlLqQpP'), ('Character', 'c'), ('Complex', 'FDG'), ('Datetime', 'Mm'), ('Float', 'efdg'), ('Integer', 'bhilqp'), ('UnsignedInteger', 'BHILQP')]
    497497        Alternatively, numpy automatically calls this function (via
    498498        the magic :meth:`__array__` method) to convert Sage matrices