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File trac_11144.patch, 886 bytes (added by hedtke, 10 years ago)
  • sage/server/notebook/interact.py

    Detected SAGE64 flag
    Building Sage on OS X in 64-bit mode
    # HG changeset patch
    # User Ivo Hedtke <hedtke@me.com>
    # Date 1311111604 -7200
    # Node ID 4c45c9803112138bf96a546529daa1e7ce811c03
    # Parent  ce324e28c3334398d3552640e2cb1520d22465a3
    trac 11144: fixed typo in doc for is_auto_update
    diff -r ce324e28c333 -r 4c45c9803112 sage/server/notebook/interact.py
    a b  
    17011701    def is_auto_update(self):
    17021702        r"""
    17031703        Returns True if any change of the values for the controls on
    1704         this canvas should cause an update.  If `auto_update=False` was
     1704        this canvas should cause an update.  If ``auto_update=False`` was
    17051705        not specified in the constructor for this canvas, then this
    17061706        will default to True.