Ticket #10998: trac_10998-categories-posets-sagenb-nt.patch

File trac_10998-categories-posets-sagenb-nt.patch, 1022 bytes (added by nthiery, 9 years ago)

Patch to be applied on the sagenb repo

  • sagenb/misc/sageinspect.py

    # HG changeset patch
    # User Nicolas M. Thiery <nthiery@users.sf.net>
    # Date 1328695938 -3600
    # Node ID 207f03fe15d9a91d1f908dd4c6172b7f4b70b8aa
    # Parent  7d0fa10e9008d1e67ef99e8f5ac142de85f34f6e
    #10998: Categories for posets
    Fix a trivial doctest failure in sagenb.misc.sageinspect.sage_getargspec,
    due to the Poset function now accepting more arguments
    diff --git a/sagenb/misc/sageinspect.py b/sagenb/misc/sageinspect.py
    a b def sage_getargspec(obj): 
    651651        sage: sage_getargspec(identity_matrix)
    652652        (['ring', 'n', 'sparse'], None, None, (0, False))
    653653        sage: sage_getargspec(Poset)
    654         (['data', 'element_labels', 'cover_relations'], None, None, (None, None, False))
     654        (['data', 'element_labels', 'cover_relations', 'category', 'facade', 'key'], None, None, (None, None, False, None, None, None))
    655655        sage: sage_getargspec(factor)
    656656        (['n', 'proof', 'int_', 'algorithm', 'verbose'],
    657657         None,