Ticket #10970: trac_10970-error-msg.patch

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  • spkg/install

    # HG changeset patch
    # User J. H. Palmieri <palmieri@math.washington.edu>
    # Date 1317761216 25200
    # Node ID 9fc3ae80e969bfc98fa7af9148b1a907b2916ac5
    # Parent  39b324bd957968b9f0ab029e6acfd11eb655d2c6
    #10970: print error if pipestatus is missing in an upgrade.
    diff --git a/spkg/install b/spkg/install
    a b  
    11#!/usr/bin/env bash
     3# The script 'pipestatus' used to be autogenerated by this file.  It
     4# should be present in any version of Sage starting with 4.5.  In
     5# #10970, the autogeneration was removed, so we just check to see if
     6# the file is missing.
     7if [ ! -f pipestatus ]; then
     8    cat >&2 <<EOF
     9Error: the script 'pipestatus' is missing.  If you are trying to
     10upgrade, your version of Sage is too old, so upgrading won't work.
     11Please download a binary version of Sage or build a new version from
     14    exit 1
    418cd ..
  • spkg/pipestatus

    diff --git a/spkg/pipestatus b/spkg/pipestatus
    a b  
    1313# then pipestatus CMD1 CMD2 will act as A && (B | C).  This also implies
    1414# that CMD1 and CMD2 *MUST NOT* contain pipes, or this script will break.
    16 # IMPORTANT: if you edit this file, be sure to also edit spkg/install
    17 #            where this file is created for upgrading.
    18 #
    2017# AUTHORS: