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  • doc/en/developer/producing_spkgs.rst

    # HG changeset patch
    # User Jason Grout <jason.grout@drake.edu>
    # Date 1299039790 21600
    # Node ID b518f68d407d9a898d13894611a5525621712666
    # Parent  4f2cd83153d828834f8e8ad625827ad51d76e82b
    #10823: Added a note about copying just the doc files intended for the user.
    diff -r 4f2cd83153d8 -r b518f68d407d doc/en/developer/producing_spkgs.rst
    a b  
    257257install``). In this way, you would not overwrite a working older
    258258version with a non-working newer version of the spkg.
     260When copying documentation to
     261``$SAGE_ROOT/local/share/doc/PACKAGE_NAME``, it may be necessary to
     262check that only the actual documentation files intended for the
     263user are copied.  For example, if the documentation is built from
     264``.tex`` files, you may just need to copy the resulting pdf files,
     265rather than copying the entire doc directory.  When generating
     266documentation using Sphinx, copying the ``build/html`` directory
     267generally will copy just the actual output intended for the user.
    261270The file SPKG.txt