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    #10555/scripts: Add documentation about the services
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    8383preferences.  You can also drag a sage folder (SAGE_ROOT) onto
    8484Sage.app to change what sage executable it will use.
     90Sage.app provides several system services.  On Mac OS 10.6 you will
     91have to enable those you wish to use in System Preferences > Keyboard >
     92Keyboard Shortcuts > Services.  On earlier versions all services are
     93enabled, and you must use a third party application to disable those
     94which are undesired.  Services can be invoked either from a contextual
     95menu, or from the Services submenu of the Application menu (the menu
     96with the name of the application).
     98Those services provided by Sage.app are of two types: those acting on
     99files and those acting on text selection.  Selecting a file of the
     100correct type in the Finder will allow you to invoke the service which
     101act on files.  Selecting text in (almost) any application will allow
     102you to invoke the correct services on that text.  Some textual
     103services require ability to write to the document (e.g. selection on a
     104webpage won't work).  Such services have "(and replace)" in the name.
     106- Act on Files
     107  - Test file with Sage -- run `sage -t` on a file or folder
     108  - Unpack Sage Package -- untar an spkg
     109  - Create Sage Package -- turn a folder into an spkg
     110  - Create Uncompressed Sage Package
     111    - as above, but uncompressed
     112- Act on text selection
     113  - New Sage Worksheet with Selection
     114  - New Sage Terminal Session with Selection
     115  - Preparse Code in Sage (and replace)
     116    - preparse in a temp file which is slightly different than `preparse("...")`
     117  - Evaluate Code in Sage (and replace)
     118    - Uses `sage -c` so it can be slow and you must `print` the answer
     120One potential problem is if you have more than one version of Sage.app
     121installed the system can become confused and use the wrong version to
     122invoke the service.  I'm not aware of a work around other than
     123deleting old versions.