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very small reviewer patch

  • sage/symbolic/relation.py

    # HG changeset patch
    # User Benjamin Jones <benjaminfjones@gmail.com>
    # Date 1342575279 18000
    # Node ID 69e1c82e872267736bf2ca5622dbfdd4138fb12f
    # Parent  abc00efa606aa017f2860c421d4e4df7f67cf6db
    Trac 10444: reviewer patch, fixed two minor typos
    diff --git a/sage/symbolic/relation.py b/sage/symbolic/relation.py
    a b  
    496496       Maxima's ``to_poly_solver`` package to search for more possible
    497497       solutions, but possibly encounter approximate solutions.
    498498       This keyword is incompatible with ``multiplicities=True``
    499        and is not used when solving inequality. Setting ``to_poly_solve``
     499       and is not used when solving inequalities. Setting ``to_poly_solve``
    500500       to 'force' (string) omits Maxima's solve command (useful when
    501        some solution of trigonometric equations are lost).
     501       some solutions of trigonometric equations are lost).
    504504    EXAMPLES::