Ticket #10191: 10191_sphinx_error.patch

File 10191_sphinx_error.patch, 931 bytes (added by jdemeyer, 12 years ago)

Create a deliberate Sphinx error, for testing

  • sage/rings/arith.py

    # HG changeset patch
    # User Jeroen Demeyer <jdemeyer@cage.ugent.be>
    # Date 1288290081 -7200
    # Node ID bb19c86dc8a71f6e8bdbf23c08a322e23bd84e99
    # Parent  f667e86a25fbe7138d4933ecf9b972ba8f40087d
    #10191: Create a deliberate Sphinx error
    diff -r f667e86a25fb -r bb19c86dc8a7 sage/rings/arith.py
    a b  
    5757    then ``None`` wil be returned. If ``proof=True`` then the result is returned
    5858    only if it can be proved correct (i.e. the only possible minimal polynomial
    5959    satisfying the height bound, or no such polynomial exists). Otherwise a
    60     ``ValueError`` is raised indicating that higher precision is required.
     60    ``ValueError`` is raised indicating that higher precision is required::
     62    é
    6264    ALGORITHM: Uses LLL for real/complex inputs, PARI C-library algdep command otherwise.