Ticket #10187: 10187-remove-encodings-and-solaris-header.patch

File 10187-remove-encodings-and-solaris-header.patch, 1.9 KB (added by drkirkby, 11 years ago)

Remove the comment about not removing the 'endcodings' directory, as it should have been remove.d Removed attempt to patch on Solaris, as the patch did not work. This patch is ror review purposes only, as the changes are in ecl-10.4.1.spkg

  • SPKG.txt

    # HG changeset patch
    # User David Kirkby <david.kirkby@onetel.net>
    # Date 1290780512 0
    # Node ID b196ce9a7a24a25e691e84dad836d942927bdd4a
    # Parent  f851b8e731b05e456198ac6221373e305d18ebcd
    #10187 Remove the contents of src/contrib/encodings/ and remove copy of useless bytecodes.h patch
    diff -r f851b8e731b0 -r b196ce9a7a24 SPKG.txt
    a b  
    3838 * boehm_gc
    4040== Special Update/Build Instructions ==
    41  * delete the msvc directory
     41 * Delete the contents of the src/msvc directory
     42 * Delete the contents of the src/contrib/encodings/
    4243 * TODO - Add the ECL test suite, and an spkg-check file to run it.
    4445== Changelog ==
    6566  * Removed checks for Sun/GNU compilers, as the prereq script does all this.
    6667  * Likewise remove checks that SAGE_FORTRAN and SAGE_FORTRAN_LIB are
    6768    set, as the prereq script does this.
    68   * Removed comments about removing the src/contrib/encodings directory,
    69     as there is no such directory.
    7069  * Removed code from spkg-install which deleted temporary files, as the bug
    7170    that required this, has been fixed in the ECL source code. This was
    7271    originally bug #8951 but was actually fixed in #9474.
  • spkg-install

    diff -r f851b8e731b0 -r b196ce9a7a24 spkg-install
    a b  
    1414   CXXFLAG64=-m64
    17 # Add a patch which works around a gcc bug on Solaris. Actually
    18 # the code is not standard C, but a GCC extension, which does
    19 # not work on Solaris, causing relocation issues - see
    20 # http://trac.sagemath.org/sage_trac/ticket/9840
    21 # This is committed to the ECL trunk, so can be removed
    22 # whenever we update to a version of ECL newer than 10.4.1.
    23 cp patches/bytecodes.h src/src/h/bytecodes.h