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    # HG changeset patch
    # User J. H. Palmieri <palmieri@math.washington.edu>
    # Date 1287786353 25200
    # Node ID 85045de9ac7bdce6eccc31aaa535273cbc0871ca
    # Parent  e060e497ae42b20dd1292e65c60d271de7bc0f9e
    #10154: document Sage's alteration of MPLCONFIGDIR
    diff -r e060e497ae42 -r 85045de9ac7b doc/en/installation/source.rst
    a b  
    676676  called :file:`libcblas_new.so` or :file:`libcblas_new.dylib`, then
    677677  set this to "cblas_new".
     679Sage overrides the user's settings of the following variables:
     681- :envvar:`MPLCONFIGDIR` - ordinarily, this variable lets the user set
     682  their matplotlib config directory.  Due to incompatibilies in the
     683  contents of this directory among different versions of matplotlib,
     684  Sage overrides the user's setting, defining it instead to be
     685  ``$DOT_SAGE/matplotlib-VER``,   with "VER" replaced by the
     686  current matplotlib version number.
    679688Variables dealing with doctesting:
    681690- :envvar:`SAGE_TESTDIR` - a temporary directory used during Sage's