Ticket #10039: 10039_manifest.patch

File 10039_manifest.patch, 671 bytes (added by jdemeyer, 8 years ago)

Patch to MANIFEST.in


    # HG changeset patch
    # User Jeroen Demeyer <jdemeyer@cage.ugent.be>
    # Date 1301471322 -7200
    # Node ID a1edecae71372faef22e3d1e3e7c05652e8ea760
    # Parent  309e63250fda0e5f4e4ef2a5bd3bb604a9a537eb
    #10039: Add .hh (C++ header file) files to MANIFEST.in
    diff -r 309e63250fda -r a1edecae7137 MANIFEST.in
    a b  
    1 recursive-include * *.c *.h *.pyx *.pxd *.pxi *.cc *.txt *.tex *.i *.d 00*
     1recursive-include * *.c *.cc *.h *.hh *.pyx *.pxd *.pxi *.txt *.tex *.i *.d 00*
    22recursive-include doc *.rst *.py
    33include c_lib c_lib/* c_lib/src/*
    44include MANIFEST.in README.txt